Girl dumps lover for sleeping with the whole suburb


Girl dumps lover for sleeping with the whole suburb.

An enraged Racia Zenda from Bulawayo’s Njube suburb dumped her live-in boyfriend Mandla Nyoni accusing him of being a “diseases’ willing transporter” because of his constant flirting with hordes of women from the suburb. She said for the past three years they had been staying together, she gave him the best years of her life and had been with him through thick and thin. “I had been cohabiting with Mandla Nyoni for four years and for those years he had been abusive.


Besides being a diseases’ willing transporter, who was also s.e.xually attracted to different women from the suburb, Zenda claimed Nyoni was also an irresponsible man who was failing to look after his children. I was solely taking care of him and his two children since he is unemployed. He is really an irresponsible and ungrateful man and has many children all over the suburb.

“He is going around sleeping with a lot of women thereby putting my life at the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. I have since decided to take my property and move out of the house because of his behaviour of sleeping around the suburb,” said Zenda.

Zenda was responding to Nyoni’s accusations that she was constantly harassing him. This was after Nyoni in his application for a protection order claimed Zenda once threatened to chop off his head with a hoe if she found him with another woman.

“I was customarily married to (Racia Zenda) from 2014 and we separated in December 2018. This was after she unceremoniously dumped me after I had gone to my rural home in Nkayi. During my absence, she took her belongings. When I came back she told me that she was now looking for another husband and I told her that I was also looking for another wife.

“Sometime in January, she came back to my house and found me with my new girlfriend and she threatened to chop off my head with an axe before she hangs herself. She also shouted at my girlfriend and as a result, I am longer living in peace because she comes to my house at any time and without my consent,” complained Nyoni.

He further said following a misunderstanding, Zenda threatened to beat him up before she ordered him to send a message to his new girlfriend saying he no longer loved her.

In a bid to maintain peace between the two parties, in her ruling the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga ordered them not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse or threaten each other in any way.


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