Home Celebs Ginimbi’s ex Zodwa finds love again

Ginimbi’s ex Zodwa finds love again

Ginimbi’s ex Zodwa finds love again

Ginimbi’s ex Zodwa finds love again

It seems like Ginimbi’s ex wife Zodwa Mkandla has found love again. This has been assumed from an Instagram story she put which is attached below

This is the first time Zodwa has shared a glimpse of her man on social platforms despite being gossiped over the issue in the past.

While the Zimbabwean entrepreneur, owner and managing director of Traverze Travel, a leading leisure and business travel management company in Zimbabwe, has kept most of her life private, there are still few things about her that we know despite her keeping a tightly locked private life.

Ginimbi’s ex Zodwa finds love again
Zodwa and the alleged new boyfriend

Although Ginimbi and Zozo never had a white wedding, they were reportedly married under the Marriages Act.

The hourglass-shaped socialite once told The Standard Style that although she was not keen to make her marriage affairs public, the couple broke up in 2017 and there was no bad blood between the two.

“I can’t comment on my personal life and relationships. while it’s true we broke up there is no bad blood between me and Genius, we communicate often,” she said.

Source | ZiMetro News

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