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Ginimbi picture in America causes chaos on social media


Ginimbi picture in America causes chaos on social media.

While people are busy accusing Ginimbi of sleeping with Star FM DJ Miss V Candy, the My Guy statement lover is in the United States enjoying himself. But as always social media will find anything to make or create stories out of anything these big guys do, wear or say. Miss V Candy was quick to rubbish the accusations and to ease the pressure she even posted  a picture of herself and The My guy man and captioned it

Ginimbi and Miss V candy

No, it will work, you will not work simple!  Flashback Friday with the big bro 

So besides trending for being allegedly sleeping with the media personality Ginimbi was in hot soup for his picture that he posted wearing an outfit social media is not happy about. Below is the picture of the outfit:


And here is how social media reacted to the outfit:

Ginimbi commets

Comments never stopped flooding…

Ginimbi Fans

And you all know what social media is all like when it comes to throwing shade at others…

Ginimbi fans comment

And the streets of Instagram never get tired of commenting stories like this…

Ginimbi dressing comments


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