Ginimbi and Prophet Passion Java spotted together: Pics.

Prophet passion torched storm on social media early this month when he indirectly fired shots at Ginimbi, lashing out at his followers for comparing him with the businessman stating that Ginimbi’s place of domicile was inferior to his.

Passion-Java-Ginimbi-2Controversial prophet Passion Java and businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure seem to have buried the hatchet after the self-styled prophet fired shots at the businessman earlier this month.

Ginimbi Passion JavaMuch to the surprise of the audience, the flamboyant business did not retaliate to the insult but stated that life was not a competition.

Enzo and Ginimbi with Passion Java



The businessman/socialite caused chaos a few weeks ago with his outfit in America which had people grill him and we were there to dish out your views. Not so long ago he was being accused of sleeping with Star FM’s Miss V Candy.

GINIMBI ZIMETROBut the rumours have since been settled. Well, the socialite is back in the country and he was at it again as he showed off his fancy assets…MORE HERE