Gigi Lamayne holds a meeting with Jay Z’s record label

Gigi Lamayne holds a meeting with Jay-Z's record label

Gigi Lamayne holds a meeting with Jay-Z’s record label

Levels! Being assimilated with an esteemed record label such as, Roc Nation could likely elevate an artist’s career to the maximum.

Gigi Lamayne holds a meeting with Jay-Z's record label

Should we expect the same from Gigi Lamayne as well? Well, if her latest post on Twitter is anything to go by, then most definitely! The masses should only await killer upcoming projects from her in 2020 and hopefully beyond!

Gigi’s tweet was fairly cryptic, as she wrote that she was merely in a meeting at the Roc Nation headquarters in New York. Over the years, the award-winning rapper has hopped from one record label to the next. Her latest being, the controversial Ambitiouz Entertainment. Will she finally find a home at Roc Nation?

Roc Nation’s head honcho is, of course, Grammy award-winning rapper and entrepreneur, Jay Z. The 50-year-old mogul has broadened out and succeeded beyond the confines of the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

Who wouldn’t want to borrow a page or even pages from the book of Jay Z?

We are waiting on bated breath for Gigi’s revelations regarding the contents of this scrumptious meeting at Roc Nation!


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