I’m not a politician: Gift Amuli defends his MDC congress performance.

“I am a musician and I do not have intentions to split my fans be it a ZANU PF or MDC A supporter.“For example, there is Dynamos and Highlanders, if those clubs call me to perform at their functions and I will not choose any sides because all of my fans will possibly come from both clubs.

GUNMEN OPENS FIRE AT ZIM GIG IN JOZI, ONE DEADMusician Gift Amuli, who was recently criticised after performing at the MDC Alliance Congress, says he renders his services where he gets paid. The Zvishavane Sounds leader said he performs for his fans and he has distanced himself from political affiliations.

“The moment I start to choose which political rallies I should perform for, I will be dividing my fan base,” he said. “And if someone tells me to be aligned to a certain political party when choosing shows that will be an act of forcing my choice and dividing my fans.“I do not work like that,” he added.

The Wamatuka singer said he performed at the MDC A congress because he was offered money. “I am an artist and I am supposed to earn a living. “These are bread and butter issues, I will perform for my fans as long as I am being paid for my services.

“This is one of the reasons why I performed at the Congress,” he told H-Metro. Meanwhile, Amuli said he has recovered from accident injuries sustained in Gweru early this year.

“I am now fine and fully recovered though I only played two songs at the congress where people enjoyed the performance. “My hand is now okay and I can even play long hours at the stage. “I will be performing next week in Karoi on Saturday,” he said.

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