Top socialite and flamboyant businessman Genius Kadungure is living large in the United Kingdom where he is going on endless shopping sprees for various labels. Ginimbi went to London for an all-white party two weekends ago, which was well attended as people even queued up to get inside the venue.


While there, the “king of bling” who is turning 34 this year, has been showing off how his moneyed friends are living, and how he is spoiling himself with the best.

And he is using social media in the best way, showing people how the rich and famous live and how and what they spend money on.

“How many pairs did you put, seven? Six pairs?” he asks after which the shop assistant tells him they were six pairs.

They then moved to a collection of Louis Vuitton (LV) before asking the shop assistant which suitcase she is packing his stuff.

“This is the suitcase, then you have the two sunglasses, wallet, toiletry pouches and shoes,” the shop assistant said showing him.

“I was tired of my old LV bags …shopping everyday addicted to LV,” he wrote on his Instagram, going further to show off a pair of white sneakers.

On the day of the all-white, the party boy even went to shop for some Versace clothes.

“When Versace meets Rolls Royce …Versace shirt, Versace shoe,” he posted and wrote under different pictures.

While in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Ginimbi is known for rolling high in top- of-the-range vehicles, and he has continued to do that in London, changing from red Rolls Royce to a black one and to a Range Rover.

“No matter where I go RR never disappoints,” he said.

Kadungure is always flaunting his wealth, particularly showing off cars he buy on social media, attracting a huge fan base.

“Life of the rich and famous This is my new baby SVR 2018, come come Mudiwa, they need to see they need to know… too much power, too much power, limited edition, special vehicle. Look at the exhaust, the interior,” Kadungure says as he raves up the car and walks around his new whip.

He went on to post another picture where he is standing on the bonnet of the vehicle with doors open. Earlier in the year he made waves showing off his 2017 Bently Bentayga.