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Full Text Of Interview With Didymus Mutasa Following His Readmission Into Zanu Pf


Full Text Of Interview With Didymus Mutasa Following His Readmission Into Zanu Pf

Former Secretary for Administration in Zanu Pf Didymus Mutasa who was expelled at the height of the party’s factional fights in February 2015 has called on his party to recall and readmit all expelled cadres including National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru.


In an exclusive interview with ZiMetro, Mutasa said it was important for Zanu Pf to bring back and readmit expelled cadres since they were “wrongfully expelled”.

Mutasa was booted out of Zanu Pf in 2015 together with the current legislator for Norton, Temba Mliswa for undermining the party and its leadership.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

ZiMetro: Are you happy now that you have been readmitted back into Zanu Pf?
Mutasa: Well, do you mean am I happy now that Zanu Pf recognizes its mistake? I mean you should be saying am I happy that Zanu Pf recognized that it was a mistake to expel Jabulani Sibanda and me? There was nothing wrong that we had ever done!

ZiMetro: Do you feel that there are others who were also expelled unlawfully and without cause?
Mutasa: I know and that is what I am trying to say that the leadership that is there now within Zanu Pf are now doing good because they recognize that it was a mistake to expel us. Even they said it themselves, that it was a mistake.

ZiMetro: Now that you are back in Zanu Pf, What are you looking forward to change to make Zanu Pf better?
Mutasa: I would like to support the current president (Emmerson Mnangagwa) in his search for democracy, true democracy that is what this country needs.

ZiMetro: The opposition allege that elections were rigged. What is your position regarding those allegations?
Mutasa: It was them (MDC Alliance) who were told by the court that they had approached to avail proof that they (elections) were rigged. It appears that the truth is just speaking that it was rigged, that is the truth. They must show us the proof that it was rigged. That is when I will go to Zanu Pf to correct…. election rigging, because that is against what President Mnangagwa said he wants to do.

ZiMetro: Do you think Joice Mujuru should be readmitted back into Zanu Pf?
Mutasa: They should actually readmit everyone who was wrongfully expelled. They should do that.

ZiMetro: Your take on the recently announced mid term monetary and fiscal policies announced recently?
Mutasa: Well I am not a financial man, but I think everyone of us who is Zimbabwean, honest and sincere Zimbabwean, who knows what should be done, they should put it up so that those in authority can implement. If you know what is right come forward. Because as far as they are concerned those in authority think what they did is what is right. So without taking forward anything, it will not help. They should have an alternative which spells out that what they (authorities) are doing is wrong.

ZiMetro: So going forward, what next?
Mutasa: I really don’t know, (my admission back into Zanu Pf) its just an announcement. It doesn’t really mean I have a clearly spelt out plan because I am not so sure what exactly I will be doing. But as a Zimbabwean and as a member of Zanu Pf, I will do what I am saying. What was said by President Mnangagwa, we should support him and he should introduce all reforms which should bring about good democracy.”



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