SPITEFUL Investments, a company that operates a fuel station in Gokwe, has been fined $400 after its diesel failed to meet minimum regulations as required by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority.


The company also risks having its property attached if it fails to pay the fine. Spiteful Investments which was represented by its lawyer, Mr Patmos Magura, appeared before Gokwe magistrate Mr Musaiona Shortgame facing charges of failing to abide to Zera regulations.

Representing the State, Mr Romeo Zibandi said on 20 July 2018, Zera officials were conducting random tests when they got to the service station. They then approached Spiteful Investments garage where they asked for samples of their fuel.

The Zera officials went on to test diesel flush point and it failed to meet the minimum 5,2 degrees Celsius leading to their arrest.

In another case heard by the same magistrate, four men from Gokwe were remanded in custody to 29 October for trial after they pleaded not guilty to a charge of vandalising and stealing electricity cables at a school.

Shepherd Denhere (34), Alexio Denhere (29), Gibson Mupetiwa (37) and Ronald Moyo (32) appeared before Mr Shortgame facing charges of vandalism and contravening the Electricity Act.

Allegations are that, on a date unknown but in August, the four connived with one Lawrence, who is still at large, to vandalise Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) property.

The team proceeded to Nyamhara Primary School in Gokwe North armed with a 24 inch bolt cutter, spanners, ropes and a hacksaw.

Upon arrival, they cut a power line, as well as three aluminium conductors linking the power line and the transformer using a bolt cutter.

The four also allegedly tried to force open the transformer but failed before they loaded their loot into a Honda Fit.

Acting on a tip-off, police carried out investigations leading to the recovery of the loot at Moyo’s homestead, resulting in his arrest. Moyo implicated his co-accused leading to their arrest while Lawrence is still at large.

Mr Tinashe Wazvarenhaka represented the State.


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