Home LOCAL NEWS Friends fight over married man…’I want neither of them’ – he says!

Friends fight over married man…’I want neither of them’ – he says!

Friends fight over married man...'I want neither of them' - he says!

Two Harare women fought over a married man on Tuesday before his wife got wind of it at Tichagarika Shopping Centre in Glen View.

Brandon Tapfumanei (38) double-crossed his two girlfriends — Tendai Mashonga (18) and Mavis Munoda (24) — and they dashed at the shopping centre.

Mashonga said she has been dating Tapfumanei for three months. “I’ve been dating Tapfumanei for three months now, so how can they say that they have been dating all along?

She just wants to take my man,” she said.

However, Munoda claims they have been dating for years.

“I knew that he was cheating, but I was patiently waiting to meet the girl he was cheating with.

She is here to break us apart; that’s what cheap girls like her do. We have been dating for a few years now: said Munoda.

Mashonga and Munoda have been friends for over five months. As the fight continued and the crowd around the two grew, Tapfumanei’s wife Trish Maguta (30) showed up.

She was escorting her friend and was shocked to see girls fighting over her husband.

“Ever since I was married I had never imagined my husband with another woman. It is just painful and embarrassing to see your husband in such a state,” said Trish.

Munoda and Mashonga only got to know that Tapfumanei was married when his wife showed up.

However, Tapfumanei dismissed them as nonentities, saying he loves his wife. Tapfumanei said he wants Maguta and he will do whatever it takes to earn her trust again.

“I love my wife dearly and I am willing to do anything for her forgiveness. I don’t want Munoda. I don’t want Mashonga.

It was nothing serious, but I want my Trish,” he said.

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The tattoos are of an angel and Arabic writings on his two arms in a video in which he also parades an “armoury”.

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Passion, who is not new to controversy, claimed the riffles were worth US$150 000.

The video attracted mixed feelings, with some accusing Passion of crossing the line while others justified his actions.

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