Four Shady Deals That Could Get Ginimbi Locked Up For Good


In January 2018 Mtumwa Mawere alleged he landed Kadungure R350 000 as a business loan and it never came back. “I paid R350 000 for gas which was supplied to his company, pioneer gases and delivered to Zimbabwe and sold, after selling the profit was supposed to be shared with the principal being used to buy new gas.

Little did I know I was converted into a bank. He then said it was a loan without security and paid a bit”.

In November 2018 Ginimbi was accused of duping a Zanu pf legislator Detxer Nduna and a kadoma businessman with interests in Gold Mining Enos Gatawa of R1.5 Million in a pump supply deal.

Ginimbi is said to have created a fictitious company called Transco Civil Engineering, purportedly based in South Africa. The company had an ABSA account and an email account purporting to be agents for Marange diamonds. Gatawa deposited R1.5 Million rands into Transco’s ABSA account.

After transferring the money Gatawa was told to wait for delivery of the pumps through DHL in three days. To His surprise Gatawa got a parcel that had cellphone chargers and that is when he realised they had been swindled.

Kadungure reportedly used R500 000 to buy gas while a further R500 000 was transferred into the account of Edward Teka. After the offence was reported Kadungure engaged the Gatawa brothers and arranged to pay back but he never did.

In February 2019 Ginimbi was arrested for fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. His company Piko trading private limited misrepresented to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority ( Zimra) that it made total sales of US $ 2.8 Million, inclusive of value added tax when it made $9 Million.

In February 2020 Ginimbi was detained over the importation of his $200 000 Bentley continental Gt.Ginimbi is said to have forged a fake purchase invoice with a clearing agent which they tendered to the Revenue Authority (Zimra).

He undervalued the cost of the vehicle so that he pays less duty. Ginimbi paid $81 000 instead of $130 000.

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