Founders High school teachers’ scandal unearthed.

In the letter seen by Bulawayo24 Mutero said, “This letter serves to complain over your Form Two Maths teacher Chivava. As I was going through my Form two child’s Maths Book this holiday I found out that her Maths book has not been marked since Form one. I interrogated her on why her book has never been marked ever since Form 1 and she said the teacher does not come to class. She said the teacher comes to class once in two weeks and that this is his habit since January 2018.”

Founders HighA concerned parent of a Form 2 pupil at Founder High School Etiwel Mutero has written to the Head of the school with shocking claims that a Form Two Maths teacher identified as Chivava has not been attending been doing her work for a full year.

Mutero further revealed that there was another teacher who was offering extra lessons at the schools. “Secondly, she (daughter) told me there is a teacher by the name Mzizi who is giving extra mathematics lessons for money within the school premises.

“My questions are: were you aware that Chivava is not attending his lessons and that he is not marking our children’s work since January 2018? Do you check the pupils exercise books to see if teachers are doing their work properly as the school overall supervisor?

Is there no link between Chivava and Mzizi, since Chivava is not attending his form 1 and 2 lessons then assign Mzizi to give Maths lessons for money within the school premises. Is it legal for teachers to use school premises to make extra money?”

Parents who spoke to this publication said if the allegations are investigated and found to be true the said teachers should be suspended and forced to pay back al the money they have benefited from the pupils.


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