Home LOCAL NEWS Former MDC Alliance Principal Clarifies Call To ‘Stand’ On July 31

Former MDC Alliance Principal Clarifies Call To ‘Stand’ On July 31

Former MDC Alliance Principal Clarifies Call To ‘Stand’ On July 31

Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume says his call for Zimbabweans to “stand” against corruption and for the restoration of ethics and accountability on the 31st of July has received overwhelming support. He posted on Twitter:

The response to the call to STAND on 31 July is incredible. It is very clear that people are fed up with the way things are. So now the intimidation starts – we have to be strong and united. What we want is greater than anything Zanu PF will ever give us.

The former MDC Alliance principal asserted that July 31 is not a political project but seeks to bring together Zimbabweans from different political persuasions to stand together against endemic corruption by State actors that have thrown the populace into abject poverty. Ngarivhume said July 31 is about four things:

1. 31 July is not a political project. It’s an initiative open to Zimbabweans throughout the country regardless of the logo on their t-shirt

2. We are standing up against ‘barbaric and shameless’ CORRUPTION in the face of a critically suffering population- our doctors, nurses, teachers, farm workers, soldiers, police, domestic workers and more

3. We want immediate transparency in all government functions and restoration of ethics and accountability

4. We will not rest until we see meaningful changes in Zimbabwe.

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