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Form 3 pupil thrashed for sleeping with married man

A girl doing Form 3 at Chomusenda Secondary School in Mutata Village under Chief Mposi, Mberengwa was assaulted by a married woman recently after she allegedly approached a prophetess for a charm to break the latter’s marriage so that she could take over the husband.

It did not rain but poured for Sheila Hove (27) when Mberengwa Magistrate Evia Matura fined her RTGS$500 or 30 days in prison for assaulting her husband’s Form 3 girlfriend.

According to the State Hove discovered love messages between her husband Tonderai Zhou, (36) of Mutata Village under Chief Mposi, Mberengwa, and the girl who cannot be named for ethical reasons in the husband’s phone.

On July 11, 2020, Hove confronted the girl as she was going to fetch water and took away her phone before going through the messages.

She was shocked to find out that the minor was actually in communication with a prophetess and pleading with her to ensure that Hove loses favor in the eyes of her husband.

Hove assaulted the girl with fists and the complainant’s father reported the matter to the Police leading to the arrest of the Hove.

She expressed bitterness over the court’s ruling and told The Mirror that she survives and fends for her family by selling sweets and jiggies. The fine imposed on her wiped away all her savings.

She said instead of warning the juvenile against going out with married men, the Court punished her for disciplining the minor.

She also complained that the complainant’s father was refusing to take back her daughter’s phone and the court instructed her to leave it with the Police.

“I got messages on my husband’s phone and confronted the girl. I took her phone and I was shocked that she even sent text messages to a prophetess asking for the latter to turn my husband against me,” said Hove.

Source | Masvingo Mirror

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