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Flower Round! Pyramid Scheme Fails – Duped members left with egg on faces

Flower Round! Pyramid Scheme Fails - Duped members left with egg on faces

A teacher and her partner were on Friday detained for duping more than 300 people of their money in Epworth.

Mai Dhliwayo of Overspill was forced to produce records of the money she kept as the treasurer of a money pyramid group formed at the beginning of February.

The pyramid group’s committee members included Tafadzwa Chiyanike as chairperson, Mai Dhliwayo as treasurer and Mai Gomani as committee member.

The three collected US$5 from each interested person promising to pay them US$75 within a week and grouped the joined members into red, green, blue and pink. None of the group members received money forcing them to unite against them.

When H-Metro visited the house in Overspill, duped members were confronting Dhliwayo demanding the register to show who among them had benefited.

Dhliwayo refused to entertain H-Metro arguing that she is a teacher at Chinamano Primary and could not speak to the press.

“I am not allowed to speak to the press since I am teacher at Chinamano Primary School better to talk to my chairperson,” said Dhliwayo holding a register book of the members and covering her face with a sunhat.

Pyramid chairperson Chiyanike confirmed receiving money from people saying their turn was still to come since they are expected to lure many to join before receiving their benefits.

“We decided to start a pyramid group beginning of February since most people were finding ways to raise money for school fees,” said Chiyanike.

“We collected US$5 from each member and that person would receive US$75 after reaching centre pink group.

“Most of the people here are still to lure more people to join so as to move their chances of reaching pink group in order to receive their money.

“They are angry and denying us access into our house demanding their money back and we cannot return any money considering that part of the money was received by other people,” said Chiyanike.

Police arrived and picked Dhliwayo’s son and left leaving people gathered at the house demanding their money.

“Teacher nevamwe vake varikushandisa ruzivo rwavo kuba mari dzevanhu varikutotamburawo,” one of the victims said.

“We have been paying US$5 using different names in a way to reap more but it turned to be a big loss considering that none of the people has received anything from these women,” added the victim.

It could not be established if the picking of the boy was for questioning over the allegations.

A number of people among them civil servants have fallen victim to pyramid schemes and some of the perpetrators fled the country while some have pending cases before the courts.