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Floods Hit Beitbridge Suburb Again!

Floods in Zimbabwe

Flash floods have hit Dulivhadzimu, a Beitbridge suburb, again following recent rains making some roads inaccessible.

Beitbridge Mayor and Councillor Munyaradzi Chitsunge said the rains had destroyed roads and sand had blocked sewer pipes.

The bus rank area has been flooded although not as bad as the last time.

Flowing rainwater has washed away the soil , you will note that our soil is loose so each time we have rains, more and more soil is washed away creating those ditches which vehicles unexpectedly fall into.

We need to have an investor who is willing to put up some sort of apartment where the ground floor is strictly meant for parking with good drainage as part of our urban renewal.

Also the Wamlala River needs a properly designed wall to accommodate the water flow during heavy rains.

While pictures and videos reflecting the situation in the Beitbridge suburb were shared on social media, observers blamed poor drainage for the floods.

They said the drainage system was archaic as it was installed during Ian Smith’s era adding that the local government authority was worsening matters by failing to maintain it.

Source | Chronicle