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Flamboyant ‘Socialite’ Businessman Ginimbi smuggling trial date set

Businessman and Socialite Ginimbi smuggling trial date set. Kadungure is being charged in his personal capacity for failing to submit documents about his income to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) from January 2010 to December 2015, as required by the Income Tax Act.

Piko Trading is being separately charged with smuggling 5 289kg of gas into the country. Kadungure and his company denied the charges. Harare regional magistrate Mr Crispen Mberewere yesterday set June 13 as the possible trial date for businessman Genius Kadungure and his company Piko Trading on tax evasion and smuggling charges they are denying.

Piko has already pleaded guilty to other charges involving tax returns. On Monday, Kadungure pleaded guilty on behalf of his company on two counts of tax evasion involving nearly $5 million.

Piko Trading, which sells liquefied petroleum gas, was being charged with two counts of tax evasion and smuggling while its owner is facing allegations of failing to declare income tax totalling to $119 860, in his personal capacity.

Kadungure, representing his company, admitted on Monday to failing to pay Value Added Tax between February 2009 and May 2016, prejudicing Zimra of $2 512 149 in the process and failing to declare income tax leaving the authority $355 559 short.

This was after Piko Trading had pocketed $24 187 026. Piko Trading, however, denied smuggling 5 289kgs of gas into the country while Kadungure also denied failing to declare income tax to the Commissioner of Taxes amounting to $119 860 between the year 2010 and 2015.

The State, led by Mr Kumire, alleges that during the said period, Piko Trading declared to Zimra that it had received a total of $3 194 329,47 in sales including Value Added Tax.

It is further alleged that Piko Trading between January 2015 and March 2016, smuggled about 5 289kgs of LPG into the country. The court heard that Piko Trading prejudiced Zimra of $672 533 in taxes.

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