Fists fly in church as rival pastors clash.

It is alleged that one of the prophets allegedly attacked a pastor Stephen Gumbo for being arrogant and wayward. Woni Nyoni , Aleck Mankava and Francis Dube are said to be behind rival factions fighting for the control of the church. There was furore as church members ran amok while dressed in church robes. The rival factions were engaged in running battles with others throwing thrones.

Church fightThere was drama at a local church in Bulawayo after a fistfight broke out during a church service in Lobengula West Surbub last week. The B-Metro reports that two rival leaders from rival factions disrupted the church service when they exchanged blows.

After the drama one of the church leaders approached the courts to seek justice. ” Drama started when a group led by Bishop Dube started its own church. We have never enjoyed peace as they keep on coming to our Lobengula West Branch to disturb church services.”

” Weeks back the rebels stormed into the church and ordered the master of ceremonies to sit down. They removed the curtains stating that no church service would take place.
The rebels caused disturbances which were characterised by shouting and name calling stating that the service should end immediately and ordered the pastor on duty to sit down.

They continued shouting obscenities in front of congregants and banged on the door. One pastor and the other church elders were threatened with beatings. They threatened that they were prepared to die for their cause. They stood at the centre of the congregation and stopped the pastor from preaching. Normal service can no longer be conducted due to these disturbances,” said Nyoni.

In response, Dube dismissed the allegations and told the court that the complainant was seeking attention. ” I reside in Magwegwe North and have always worshipped ay Lobengula West, whenever my duties do not take me elsewhere. The complainant is a deacon and in charge of Mahatshula where I assume, he still worships.

His information about my attendance at Lobengula West church premises can only have passed on him and incorrectly.” Western Commonage magistrate Stephen Ndlovu struck the matter off the roll when both parties absconded for the next court sitting.


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