First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa yesterday handed over a maternity ward she refurbished through her charity organisation, Angel of Hope Foundation, to Harare Central Hospital. She visited the hospital in January and was touched by the challenges it was facing.

Angel of Hope Foundation partnered with Splash Paints & Plastics in the renovation of the unit. The First Lady also donated an assortment of groceries, bed linen and baby blankets to the hospital.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, the First Lady, who is a champion and ambassador for women and child health, said the delivery of health care services was an important component of the country’s national development.

“The delivery of health care services is an important component of our national development,” she said. “Diseases do not select whether you are a man, woman or a child. Everyone gets sick at some point in life, however, it takes more than medication for a patient to speedily recover.

“There is need for a combination of a number of essentials like good nutrition, care, love and support. Kana tine varwere mudzimba, are we giving them love and care? Kana munhu achirwara, akasapihwa love and care, rufu rwake rwuri pedyo.

“Tinokurudzira nekukumbira kuti mudzimba ngatigarei nevarwere zvakanaka tichivakurudzira kudya kuitira kana mukazouya navo kuzvipatara zvinoreruka, vokasika kupora.”

The First Lady said she prioritised women and children issues.

“When I came here in January ndakaona kuti pamusha pedu panoda kutaridzika zvakanaka,” she said. “I then asked for assistance from my partners and we painted the maternity hospital so that women give birth in a clean and friendly environment. Musha wakachena musha unonakidza.

“This is the role I take seriously because mothers are critical in our society as they care and look after the children who are the future generation of our beloved country.

“My concern goes beyond hospitals as it covers the whole spectrum of the vulnerable in our society and I will continue to emphasise that the uplifment of livelihood and the improvement of the quality of life of the vulnerable is the responsibility of us all.”

The First Lady urged corporates, development partners, communities and individuals to come together for the betterment of the country.

“Angel of Hope Foundation seeks to touch lives and instil hope to those who otherwise would have lost it,” she said. “My vision in a nutshell is sustainable transformation of lives.

“I am happy today because there is a noticeable change at this maternity ward. It has a fresh look, a new coat of paint. To me this is a demonstration of care to those who will use this facility.”

The First Lady thanked Angel of Hope partners who have been helping her in her philanthropist projects.
“I thank my partners who support the realisation of my vision,” she said. “It is through their helping hands that today we have revitalised this maternity ward.”

After the ceremony, Amai Mnangagwa presented a food hamper to baby Auxillia Mawunga named after her.

The baby’s mother, Rachel, narrated how the First Lady visited her hospital bed soon after giving birth in January and asked her (Amai Mnangagwa) to name the child and she named her Auxillia.

Mrs Mawunga and her husband Clifford live in Mbare and were both unemployed, but left the hospital with smiles after Angel of Hope partners Splash Paints & Plastics’ offered them jobs.

Amai Mnangagwa commended the company for the kind gesture and urged the couple to work hard in their newly found jobs.

Harare Central hospital’s board chairperson Dr Edward Chagonda thanked the First Lady for giving the maternity hospital a new face.



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