Home Business First Capital Bank introduces two enhanced digital capabilities

First Capital Bank introduces two enhanced digital capabilities

First Capital Bank Manager Locks Self In Office As Workers Strike

First Capital Bank introduces two enhanced digital capabilities

First Capital Bank says it has introduced two enhanced digital capabilities that will positively reshape its customer’s online banking experience.

Through this innovation, it will be its first step in the use of Artificial Intelligence comprising machine learning and cognitive computing technologies to provide customers and clients with various banking services and transaction capabilities.

In a statement, the financial institution said it had launched Alisa and their WhatsApp Banking Chatbot to create an easier customer service journey.

Speaking at the launch of Alisa WhatsApp Banking Chatbot recently, the institution’s managing director, Mr Ciaran McSharry said his bank was channelling its maximum efforts to not only align and customise service offerings to changing consumer needs but also to anticipate clients’ future needs and make banking an enjoyable and relevant experience.

Secondly, in an effort to bring additional value to its clients and address the issue of banking ancillary costs in the prevailing environment, First Capital Bank introduced reverse billing, also known as a zero rating solution that essentially brings added accessibility by addressing the data issue.

With the service, the bank said its customers with Econet lines may be able to access their internet banking and mobile banking apps at no cost to them.

First Capital Bank believes that such a development makes it one of the few banks offering such a service.

Source | The Chronicle

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