Famous Bodyguard ‘Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta’ Commits Suicide After Wife Cheats

Famous Bodyguard 'Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta' Commits Suicide After Wife Cheats

Famous Bodyguard ‘Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta’ Commits Suicide After Wife Cheats

Zimdancehall self-proclaimed chairman Killer T’s camp has been plunged into mourning after his bodyguard committed suicide because his wife cheated on him.

News reaching this publication is that bodybuilder Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta (32) took his own life on Wednesday after his wife cheated on him.

Mutataguta who was an avid bodybuilder was married to Benjamin Chihota’s younger sister.

According to a police report seen by this publication, Mutataguta’s body was discovered at N1 Hotel situated at Corner Samora Machel and Rotten row in Harare. Killer T’s bodyguard’s corpse was discovered by the hotel’s general manager Halimana Valentine Sipho who was carrying out routine checks at around 1415 hours on Wednesday.

The general manager saw Mutataguta lying parallel to the ground at the stair case leading to the first floor. At first, he assumed that the late bodybuilder had taken one too many and continued with routine checks.

Upon returning he noticed that Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta had not changed position and tried to awaken him but was not responding. He was then called NETSTAR Ambulance whose crew attended to the now deceased and pronounced him dead.

A police report was made on RRB5224599 ZRP KOPJE Police station.

Prior to committing suicide, Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta was reported missing at Highlands Police Station on Monday.

That same night, at around 2319 hours he sent a message to his father on WhatsApp saying “I have tried to be strong but I failed. I am sorry for everything “. Sensing that something was amiss, his father requested that he call him but he never communicated and was nowhere to be found.

On Wednesday, Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta approached the receptionist of N1 Hotel asking to extend his stay at the hotel although he did not have enough money.

He insisted that a friend was coming to pay for him at around 1500 hours and the receptionist consented to the request.

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At around 1415 hours, she was called by the general manager to the effect that someone was lying motionless on the stairway where upon arrival, she identified Takudzwa Michael Mutataguta as the one who had asked for an extension of stay.

Killer T’s bodyguard was booked in room number 108 and inside the room, there was a 50 kg drum of sodium Cyanide which had its lid open.

While investigations are still ongoing, police have so far concluded:

It is highly probable, deriving from available circumstances, that he may have committed suicide, taking into consideration that he had marital problems, financially unstable and had shown admissible intentions to commit suicide.

Shadaya On Bodybuilder Suicide!

On hearing the news that a bodybuilder committed suicide Socialite ‘Shadaya Knight’ who has been known for bashing women daily had this to say:


Source | iHarare


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