FAMILY DEMANDS JUSTICE FOR MAPECCA | The family of Tawanda “MaPecca” Moyo (43), a former member of Siyaya Arts group, who died after being shot by his wife’s lover is demanding justice.


Bulawayo businessman Mr Oricious Moyo (38) of Emganwini suburb shot Moyo when he confronted him while he was “relaxing” with his wife, Jacqueline Chesigelenaso Moyo, in a car.

A spokesperson for the Moyo family, Mr Roderick Moyo, told the Chronicle that : “ We hope those in authority judge the matter with fairness, without fear or favour. Even the poor deserve justice and we are demanding that the law takes its course.

FAMILY DEMANDS JUSTICE FOR MAPECCAOricious referred questions to his lawyer, Mr Zibusiso Ncube of Ncube and Partners, who said: “When one has died, he has died, what do you expect me to say? Of course we express our condolences and we are giving the family time to mourn their relative. Really there’s nothing to say. I commented earlier on the shooting, and yes now he has died, what do you want me to say now?

“It is sad he has died and we are with his family at this hard time and we will remember them in our prayers.”

Oricious alleges that he shot MaPecca after he had tried to rob him. MaPecca is said to have suspected his wife of having an affair and decided to investigate.She is ironically employed by her alleged lover Oricious, a well-known malayitsha who owns a fast food outlet in the city.

Speaking to the Sunday News earlier this month, MaPecca had said on the night he was shot, he trailed his wife from work in the city centre where she met Oricious, only to be shot at Oricious’s gate when he confronted the two as they were getting ready to go inside his house.

He said he was left lying on the ground, crying for help until a man from one of the nearby houses came out and as he attempted to call an ambulance, Oricious returned to the scene with the police.

MaPecca allegedly refused to let his wife visit him in hospital. Oricious appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya on August 11 facing an attempted murder charge.



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