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“Fame Is A Curse” – Ammara Brown

. . .Is fame a blessing or a curse?

A bit of both.

It has it’s advantages; you gain sympathy of people, you get rich and if you’re the kind of person who wants to help others, you have the possibilities to do so, which is very fulfiling.

You’re doing what you love most and the public loves it too. This is something very important for your inner peace as a person. You get the chance to travel a lot, learn a lot and gain a better understanding of the world you hadn’t seen before.

It also comes with disadvantages; you have to maintain your fame, which means that a lot of hard work is waiting for you. You’ll get tired, people in the show bussines will try to take advantage of you, you won’t be able to walk on the streets or do the most basic things like any other person and you’ll start missing it.

The press will take care of making rumours about you and hopefully, it won’t be something serious, but you’ll still hate it. You’ll most likely fall victim of extortionists, as celebrities are more vulnerable to such people, just pray the blackmail won’t ruin your life or reputation. At worst, someone might try to kill you.

Being famous is definitely hard and you can’t name it as either a blessing or a curse. One part might outweigh the other. For some it turns out good and for others, it’s bad.

According to Ammara Brown fame is:

🔱 What good is physical beauty, if it hinders people from believing your spiritual beauty? It’s about as useful as fame. Fame is great for work. Fame is for philanthropy. But it is a curse in your personal life. To be judged by presumptions and assumptions before you’ve even spoken to a person. To be judged on false rumors, that shock even me… The look in someone’s eyes that shows you how much they think they know about you. As if any article, song, video or film could possible encompass the depth of magnificent complexities that reside in you.. 😏 How ignorant…The look in their eyes as they smile in your face knowing they wish you ill will as soon as you turn around.. I pity people who wish for fame. They do not know the simple joy of greeting another human and being given ample opportunity to show their true selves.. Must be nice. On the other hand I’ve also been given a strength and optimism that is paralleled by few. My strength is forged in fire, so my light shines regardless. Because all blessings come with curses. And since this is the destiny I chose, I continue to make peace with it all.. C’est la vie, they say… As you were. 🔱🦋

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