Home Celebs Fally Ipupa Jnr exposes Nellia Kadungure for cheating on him with 50-year-old

Fally Ipupa Jnr exposes Nellia Kadungure for cheating on him with 50-year-old

Fally Ipupa Jnr exposes Nellia Kadungure for cheating on him with 50-year-old

Fally Ipupa Jnr exposes Nellia Kadungure for cheating on him with 50-year-old

Socialite and car dealer Fally Ipupa Junior and his baby mama Nelia Kadungure (Ginimbi’s young sister) have displayed their dirty laundry to the public after Fally was arrested on Friday afternoon.

Fally was arrested on charges of vandalism after he allegedly scratched someone’s Mercedes Benz. Labeling his name on the bonnet.

After his arrest Fally took to social media firing back at his baby mama Nelia. He paid social media gossip monger, Tatelicious Karigambe to expose Nellia on her Facebook live chat.

Fally’s sister identified as Olivia confirmed the allegations, claiming Nelia was cheating on Fally with a 50-year-old man.

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“Problem iripo ndeyekuti I’m so devastated. This is my own brother. She is cheating with a 50 year old man. There is more to that than I can reveal. Even those people who arrested him hanzi hayisi police ma CIO kana kuti CID,” said Olivia.

“Fally did a lot for that girl and I mean a lot, zvinhu zvinorwadza izvi. Nellia akaenda kuma porofita ndokwa akawudzwa kuti achadanana nePolitician… semhuri hatina kufara nehunu waNelia,” she added.

In an Instagram Live video Fally said he had no problem with Nellia but with a man he addressed as Antony.

He said, “Haasi munhu wangu pabatisisei ipapo if you know you know haasi munhu wangu ndi mai vemwana wangu. Trust me handina problem na Nelia this message I’m directing to Anthony, what you did pissed me off. Pandaka kudubura pandiriku kudubura newewe ukuda kudubura haaah noo.

In response Nelia also fired back at her baby daddy saying she didn’t like how he handled the whole situation and didn’t like her issues being displayed all over social media.

“I went to withdraw the case because Mukudzei loves his Dad so much and it got me emotional when he was asking when he will talk to his dad. I was not pleased when I woke up to see my name all over social media.

“Zvinorwadza kuti my name is being dragged around. I told him kuti kana akuita ma live nana Tatelicious don’t mention my name,” she said.

Fally’s sister also revealed that Nelia is pregnant but said they doubt if the baby belongs to Fally. Fally’s phone was not reachable when Tatelicious tried calling him to tell his side of the story.

Source | Nehanda Radio

In other news, Ginimbi’s Memorial has been put on hold due to backlogs of other memorials in the Kadungure Family

While the famous celebrity Ginimbi’s death was untimely, it also turns out that the same year he died he had already lost his brother and mother.


The departed socialite and business mogul Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure might have died six months ago but he still remains a topical figure.

His fans, friends and relatives have been anxiously waiting for his memorial service and clarity over the…Learn More


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