A Gwanda man has been arrested for impersonating a police officer and biting a security guard who tried to arrest him.


Peter Nyamhunga (26) who is a general worker at Cinderella Mine pleaded not guilty to charges of impersonating a police officer and assault when he appeared before Gwanda magistrate, Mr Obedience Matare.

He was found not guilty and acquitted for impersonating a police officer after the court failed to find incriminating evidence against him but he was convicted of assault.

Mr Matare fined Nyamhunga $180 or three months in prison in case of default. In addition he was sentenced to one month imprisonment which was wholly suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within the next five years.

In his defence Nyamhunga said he did not impersonate a police officer but only bit Mr Lazarus Manhova (46) on the finger in self defence.

“On the day in question I had hired the services of a prostitute that I met at Lime Light Bar in Gwanda. We proceeded to Forbes and Thompson premises where the complainant works as a guard.

“People who engage services of sex workers usually go there to sleep with them. Thereafter they pay a certain amount to the security guard manning the premises.

”After completing our business with the sex worker, as we were leaving the guard demanded payment. That is when an argument ensued. He went on to handcuff me in a rough manner and I bit his finger because he was hurting me,” said Nyamhunga.

Mr Manhova, however, maintained that Nyamhunga approached him and impersonated a police officer.

Prosecuting, Mr Moses Gondongwe said Nyamhunga committed the offence on November 14 around 10PM.

“Nyamhunga proceeded to Forbes and Thompson premises where he approached a security guard, Mr Lazarus Manhova.

“Nyamhunga introduced himself as a police officer and said he wanted to conduct perimeter checks as he heard that there were people who were gaining entry into the premises without permission.

”Mr Manhova requested to see some identification from Nyamhunga as he was in civilian attire. Nyamhunga failed to produce identification and Mr Manhova denied him entry,” said Mr Gondongwe.

He said Nyamhunga insulted Mr Manhova and threatened to pelt him with stones.

The prosecutor said Mr Manhova tried to handcuff Nyamhunga but he bit him on the right finger.

Mr Gondongwe said Mr Manhova was assisted by people were drinking beer at a nearby bottle store.

He said the matter was reported to the police resulting in Nyamhunga’s arrest.



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