Fadzai Mahere visits Gonyeti at the hospital: Pic


Fadzai Mahere visits Gonyeti at the hospital: Pic.

Constitutional lawyer and MDC official Fadzai Mahere yesterday visited Gonyeti in the hospital where she is being treated following her abduction and torture. Wrote Mahere:

Fadzayi Mahere and GonyetiI managed to visit Gonyeti today. She recounted a chilling ordeal about her abduction last night. I’m still shaken at the details.

Wishing her, Magi and all creative artists who push the envelope peace and safety in these trying times.


Pay attention to the details that’s where the answers lie, Kikky Badass as she strikes again: Pics

So the rapper/singer is back and she is in her favourite colour. The 50 Magate challenge winner doesn’t disappoint when it comes to striking a pose for the camera.

Kikky badass

She has just posted a series of pictures doing what she knows best and we are loving the to bits. Check them out as she…MORE HERE.