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Ezekiel Guti, Nehemiah Mutendi Among The Clerics Who Looted From RBZ


Popular Constitutional lawyer Alex Magaisa in his blog the Big Saturday Read has listed 2 esteemed clergymen, ZAOGA’s founder Ezekial Guti and ZCC leader Nehemiah Mutendi as 2 of the 5 clerics who benefitted from the RBZ’s controversial Farm mechanisation scheme.

Magaisa said ii is not surprising why the clerics were the government’s foremost endorsers. Magaisa provided the list of the clerics who never repaid their debts in the scheme and the amounts they owe and said:

  1. Archbishop Ezekiel Guti who is listed as owing US$116,693.00;
  2. Nolbert Kunonga who was very popular with the Mugabe regime at the time of the Farm Mechanisation Scheme was awarded a loan of US$98,661.00.
  3. Agatha Kunonga who is listed as having received US$58,318.00.
  4. Rutendo Wutawunashe is listed as owing US$18,200.00.
  5. Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi was the biggest beneficiary among members of the clergy, with two loans of US$271,000.00 and US$315,600.00 for a grand total of US$586,600.00

Magaisa said it was no surprise why the clerics would take sides with the ruling part despite the government’s alleged incompetence and corruption and said;

It is often the case that people wonder why certain members of the clergy seem to take sides with an incompetent and corrupt regime. Do they have something on them, people often ask.

The scriptures teach that believers shall not steal and that they shall honor their obligations. After all, do the scriptures not say render unto Cesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God? Why then, when debts fall due, men and women of the cloth do not seem to render to Caesar things are Caesar’s?

Today’s BSR has a lot of information about the people who benefited from the scheme and never repaid their debts.


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