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Experiment gone wrong, boy (11) injured in cellphone battery explosion


An 11 year old boy from Chief Chirau area in Zvimba suffered serious injuries after a cellphone battery he was holding and experimenting with exploded.

Tsungirirayi Mubobo of Tafira village was badly burnt on the right hand and lost three fingers as a result of the battery explosion.

He also sustained burns in the stomach and in the face, and in the process lost sight in one of his eyes.

The boy’s father Mr Anyway Mubobo said Tsungirirayi was holding an unknown object which had some soft cables which he connected onto a mobile phone battery resulting in the explosion.

According to the boy’s father his intention was to pluck out some cables from the unidentified object with the hope of making a toy car for his young brother.

The boy underwent corrective surgery at Parirenyatwa hospital and is scheduled to undergo skin grafting but the parents are failing to raise the required amount.

The family currently owes the hospital about US$800 and has no means of raising the funds to clear the debt before the next surgical procedure is performed.

Those wishing to help can get in touch with Mr Mubobo on the following number 0779 150 508.


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