Ex-worker testifies against Chikore

Ex-worker testifies against Chikore

The court case against former President Mugabe’s son-in-law kicked off yesterday with his fired legal advisor testifying against him.

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Simba Chikore is facing charges of unlawfully detaining Zimbabwe Airways head of legal Bertha Zakeyo at their premises in Chishawasha.

He is co-charged with Simbarashe Mutimbe.

The State opened its case by calling the evidence of Bertha Zakeyo who testified that she was denied exit from the premises despite the fact that her lawyer was outside the gate waiting for her.

She further testified that she refused to hand over the company cellphone which was in her possession because it had evidence of messages in which Chikore was inciting her to engage in illegal activities and if she handed it over, the evidence would be destroyed.

Zakeyo throughout her testimony indicated that she felt threatened by the number of security details that had been called to the premises to ensure her eviction,

Chikore through his lawyer Jonathan Samkange denied the allegations saying that on the morning of June 7 last year, he sent one of the Zimbabwe Airways employees with a letter of termination and upon receipt, she became hysterical prompting Chikore to engage the police.

“The police and other security guards were engaged because upon receipt of the letter of termination, you were hysterical and became uncontrollable screaming disturbing peace at the office.

“You failed to comply with the instructions to read, sign and leave, you were never held hostage because Mutimbe told you that he was told not to open the gate for you till you hand over all the company property you had.

“So basically you made a conscious decision because all you had to do was to give up the phone and leave.

“A statement from one of the State’s witnesses indicates that you prepared tea for your alleged aggressors and even had lunch with them so when exactly where you unlawfully detained,” asked Samkange in cross examination.

Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba remanded the matter to February 13.



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