Home LOCAL NEWS “Evidence causes problems for Mai Titi & new new Nigerian baes relatives”

“Evidence causes problems for Mai Titi & new new Nigerian baes relatives”

Soft Drunken Mai Titi Kisses New BF Live On Camera

The gossip mogul Evidence has got Mai Titi complaining for causing problems between her and her new Nigerian boyfriend Mr Obina relatives.

Below is the complaint raised by Mai Titi

Guys if you want to troll on me or my affairs better not touch people you don’t know.

This Evidence is going way out of line destroying people s relationships and making me to argue with my Obinas relatives.

This Winnet Eze I once wished happy birthday is Obinas brother’s wife not Obina s wife.

These lives she s doing involving people who never wronged her or done anything is now costing ….

Please I have had enough and if you want my down fall , attack me not people who got nothing to do with you.

This family does not talk and now Evidence is causing a lot of issues.
Evidence I ve warned you …. wazofarisa last.

Wazoyenderera and wazoyendeyerera.

Let me promise you ….THIS WILL NOT END WELL…..

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