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Events Manager Bashes friend Over Money

A Westgate events manager was reported to have bashed her visiting Zvishavane friend for demanding her money and destroying her utensils at her house on Tuesday.

Kristle Smasher reportedly failed to control herself after her friend Patricia Jeke destroyed some of her utensils and assaulted her mother over US$100.

Jeke was invited to attend Smasher’s daughter’s birthday party where the latter borrowed US$100 promising to return it after the party which she never fulfilled.

The scuffle ended at Marlborough police station where Smasher was reported to have gone on to slap Jeke in the presence of police claiming to be politically connected.

“Jeke came to my house and destroyed my property and verbally assaulted my mother because of US$60 I owed her,” said Smasher.


“Her money is US$60 not US$100 she is claiming. “She was influenced into demanding the money from me by one of the celebrities I am going to expose on my Facebook account.

“Jeke told her falsehoods and that did not go well with me; I am heading to Marlborough police station,” said Smasher of Sapphire Events.

Jeke described Smasher as cruel considering the relationship that took her time to respond positively to her invitation. “We have been friends for some time and I did not take well the negative statements which were being posted in Mvenge mvenge group,” said Jeke.

“I came all the way from Zvishavane respecting her party invitation and upon arriving she asked me to lend her US$100 she wanted to use for the party.

“She promised to return the money soon after the party and failed to honour the promise. “She went on to backbite one of our friends and planned to approach her closest associates to steal money from her.

“I only wanted my money not back biting our friends and that forced me to demand my money leading to the bashing.

“She went on to slap me in front of police officers claiming to be politically connected hanzi ndiye panoti Harare yacho kuno hakusi kuZvishavane.

“I feel betrayed and abused and I am yet to receive my money to return to Zvishavane; the investigating police officer asked me to go home and promised to call me.

“I do not understand this. Zvatopera zvakadaro mari yangu hapana; ini ndarohwa pamberi pavo vakatarisa ndodii manje?” questioned Jeke.

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