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Erica starts skincare line

Mayor is just a friend: Rica

Erica starts skincare line

Popular Star FM radio presenter, Erica Ndoro, has started her own skincare line called Zora.

The skin care line is made up of a variety of skin products like lotions, body butter, body mists, sanitizers and vagina washes among many others.

Mayor is just a friend: Rica

The products are manufactured in South Africa but packaged in the country.

Speaking to H-Metro, Erica she said her passion for skin care and always looking glamorous made her start her start her own product.

“I am very passionate about skin and just looking and smelling good all the time, this motivated me to start my own products.

“The business only started last month and the products has been well received by locals and I want to thank them for supporting,” she said.

She said she looks at opening shops in the near future where people can buy products and conduct skin consultancy.

Erica starts skincare line

“This only the beginning of my dream and I am very grateful to God for everything so far.

“In the near future I am sure people will be able to walk into a Zora shop to buy or carry consultations of their skin.

“At the moment we still selling from online-our website and social media platforms and consultancy is done on call basis.


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