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Eric Knight Prophecy From 2018 Was Dead Wrong Zimbabwe Is Now Worse

Eric Knight Prophecy From 2018 Was Dead Wrong Zimbabwe Is Now Worse

Knight posted a prediction of the growth of the Zimbabwean economy on 25 August 2018 soon after the controversial election showing that he had confidence in the government of President Mnangagwa.

” I can guarantee it and you can quote me if you want. Zimbabwean economy will recover and surprise many. Anyone wishing for Zimbabwe to fail, you will be in for a shock. Copy and paste this then store it somewhere then ask me exactly 2 years from now how things will be. My name is General Eric Knight,” Knight challenged pessimists.

The veteran radio and television personality betted on the wrong horse as the economy resembles the opposite of his prediction in less than 2 years.

In August 2018, the Southern African nation’s economy was better and most people could afford basic food, bread was being sold for one bond but now costs ZW$53.
” Where are you Eric Knight come and answer this please,” said Brian Makaka.

Knight responded: ” So if you say Dynamos will win the league this year and they don’t then you have to come here and answer. Find better things to do my brother. Time is moving so.”

” Don’t predict what you don’t know. You said people must copy and paste for later reference. Now you are behaving as if you don’t know what you were saying,” Tonderai Wunganai fired a salvo.

The former ZBC employee torched a storm when he told his Facebook friends to also ask Chamisa about his prediction on President Mnangagwa leaving office.

He said:” Is that what is making Zimbabwean economy. Mr Chamisa said Mnangagwa will be gone in two months. Why are you not saying anything. In this world you are allowed to make predictions and they can go either way.”

Knight was reminded that he should not drag Chamisa in his false prediction as he did not help him in making a false prediction.

He was told that as a respected celebrity he should apologise to his fans for making a ridiculous economic prediction.

In the late 90s, Knight criticised Zimbabweans for leaving the country for the diaspora arguing that they could start income generating projects with the huge airfares and visa process that required a lot of money.

The Southern African country’s economy eventually pushed Knight to join the great trek to the UK where he is based with his family.

Last week, his daughter who is married to a Zimbabwean musician posted a picture of her son holding a British passport, bragging of being British citizens.

The former ZBC presenter allegedly tried his luck in opposition politics but failed to make the grade and is rumoured to be a supporter of President Mnangagwa.