Employer disowns security guard


Employer disowns security guard

A Harare security guard has hauled his employer to court claiming salary arrears of $163 for the past two months.


Ironically, the employer disowned him citing he had never worked for him. Albert Makeke was employed by Van Ndlovu who is denying that they once worked together.

Van told the court that he had never employed Albert before.

“I do not know this man, I have never seen his face he might be trying to trick me because I checked with my assistants and we don’t owe anyone money,” he said.

Albert told the court that Van was owing him $163 and that he had worked for him from September 2018 until December when he stopped paying him till January 2019.

“He has been paying me $3.50 per day resulting in dues accumulating to $163.

“I worked for him since last year September and he stopped paying me in December that is when I decided to claim my money,” added Albert.

Albert told the court that he reported the case at the Mbare police station who had proof of the contract since he started working for Van.

“I have proof that he was my boss because this matter was being handled at the Mbare station just that I did not bring the papers,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo referred Albert to the labour court for assistance since he had no tangible evidence.


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