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Emmanuel Thomas’ daughter denounces ritual murders

Emmanuel Thomas’ daughter denounces ritual murders

Kayla Thomas, daughter to Frontline Kids founder member Emmanuel, has denounced the ritual killings of children for superstitious beliefs.

The seven-year-old poured out her heart in a single titled Stop Child Killings/Musauraye Vana due for release today.

It will also have an accompanying video soon, according to Kayla’s handlers.

The song was dedicated to the late seven-year-old Murewa boy Tapiwa Makore who was allegedly murdered in a suspected ritual practice by relatives.

Recorded at MJ Studios by Jonathan Mgazi, gospel singer Noel Zembe featured on the song along with Emmanuel Thomas and his wife City Thomas who did the backing vocals.

Thomas played most of the instrumentals together with Mgazi.

In an interview with H-Metro, Thomas said he was only supporting his daughter who was traumatised by the spine-chilling murder of the Murewa boy.

Emmanuel Thomas

“Kayla was touched by the murder of the Tapiwa Makore and she approached me with a song which she dedicated to him.

“I have been grooming her since the age of four and we decided to assist her.

“I used to conduct music lessons with her as well as voice lessons.

“Of course I had to assist her here and there for chronology but I have never doubted her,” he said.

Thomas said he decided to rope in his wife City and longtime friend Zembe to add depth for the song.

“My wife and Noel Zembe came on board to assist to assist our daughter.

City Thomas

“Of course we are ushering her to the world but what we wanted most was to ensure that we assist our daughter.

“As you know, our children do follow current affairs and for her to be touched by Tapiwa Makore’s murder meant a lot to us and other children.

“It’s important when children speak out about issues affecting them,” he said.

Thomas, who is now a pastor with Disciples Fellowship Ministries, said he was still into music.

“These days I spent much of my time doing God’s work at my church, Disciples Fellowship Ministries’ Ushewokunze branch along with my wife.

Noel Zembe

“It’s a calling that I could not resist but I still do music and that’s why I have managed to unleash my daughter Kayla who is destined for stars,” he said.

Frontline Kids was one of the finest musical groups to emerge in the late 80s and went on to conquer the world.

It comprises of Thomas who played the lead and rhythm guitars, Filbert Marova (keyboardist), Wellington Masvosva (drummer), Zembe (backing and lead vocals), Jivas Dzinotizeyi (backing vocals) and Professor Fred Zindi who played the lead and rhythm guitar.

Professor Zindi doubled as the band manager, a role he undertook for the greater part of the group’s existence.

As Frontline Kids, the group had five albums and 13 singles.

Some of the albums released by the group comprised Yarira Ngoma, Children of the Frontline, Kumusha, African Jive and Serous Man.

In the year 1991, the group toured Europe where they recorded Yarira Ngonma.

According to Thomas, the European tour opened new doors for the outfit.

“We played in London, Manchester, Brixton, Strewsbury, Butter Market and Scotland in Glasgow at St Andrews University.

“Our hit songs comprised Yarira Ngoma,Doro Ndimambara, Serious Men,Party Night ,African Jive and Kumusha,” he added.

A star-studied outfit it was, Frontline Kids made waves both locally and aboard.

Sadly, the group disbanded with band members pursuing solo projects.

Some of the band members died while others are still alive.

Thomas who also led the group has decided to concentrate on God’s ministry while Professor Zindi is now a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe.

He also assists a number of artistes on consultancy basis and he still loves music.


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