Elderly man cries for s.e.x, says life without it is like a slow death


Elderly man cries for s.e.x, says life without it is like a slow death.

The matter came to light after Sithabile Sibanda hauled her husband, Jowani Sibanda to court for allegedly physically and verbally assaulting her. Appearing before Bulawayo magistrate Rachael Mukanga, Johwani Sibanda did not deny the allegations but stated that his actions were justified because he was being denied s.e.x by his wife for years.

Man cries foul as joystick disappearsA s.e.x starved Bulawayo man sensationally narrated before the court that being denied his conjugal rights was like a slow death.

” It is true that I assaulted her with open hands. I assaulted her five to six times. What is frustrating to me is that I am sleeping alone yet she is my wife. Uyangincitsha lo (she is denying me my conjugal rights ) so what should I do?” queried Johwani while responding to his wife’s accusations that he had been verbally and physically abusing her since they got married.

This was also after his wife had begged Bulawayo magistrate Rachael Mukanga to grant a protection order in her favour claiming Johwani physically abused her whenever he got drunk. ” I am legally, married to Johwani Sibanda and we have been together since 1988. From that time he has been verbally, physically and emotionally abusing me. He uses different objects to assault me even in front of our children.

” Recently he assaulted me with fists before he forcibly dragged me on the ground while I was carrying our grandchild. Later I escaped through the window.

” He monitors my movements claiming that I am involved in an adulterous relationship with one of the committee members at the school where I am Vice-chairperson. I want the court to stop him from abusing and stalking me to our meetings,” she said passionately.

The court granted the protection order in the complainant’s favour.


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