Home Politics EFF Zimbabwe Condemns ‘un-African’ SA Deportations

EFF Zimbabwe Condemns ‘un-African’ SA Deportations

EFF Zimbabwe Condemns ‘un-African’ SA Deportations

EFF Zimbabwe Condemns ‘un-African’ SA Deportations

Opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Zimbabwe has condemned the South African government over the ongoing clampdown on illegal Zimbabwean immigrants, saying the move is un-African.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com, EFF Zimbabwe President Innocent Ndibali queried why South Africa was targeting Zimbabweans only leaving out undocumented foreigners from Europe and Asia.

Said Ndibali:

EFF is for borderless Africa and it’s foolish for the South African government to target Zimbabweans who are Africans while leaving the Chinese and many other Europeans who are illegally living in the country.

SA must be doing more to assist the Zimbabwe government and also understand that Zimbabwe is targeted by the West through sanctions because of having taken back its land.

Ndibali also chided South African authorities for alleging that Zimbabwean soldiers and police officers manning the Beitbridge border post were taking bribes to allow Zimbabweans to cross into the neighbouring country illegally. He said:

Also, the South African government must not disrespect Zimbabwe police and army on bribery allegations yet they have the most corrupt police in the world.

Last year, we had a case of South Africa police officers who were arrested while assisting people smuggling goods into Zimbabwe.

Last week, South African authorities deported hundreds of Zimbabweans who had illegally crossed the border.

The blitz followed the recent decision by the South African government to discontinue the special permits (Zimbabwe Exemption Permit) for Zimbabweans who have been living and working in that country.

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