ED running out of time: Oppositions side planning demonstrations.

Addressing party supporters at Masere business centre in Mutare Central, where the party was campaigning for its ward 10 candidate Rosemary Mukodza ahead of a by-election scheduled for Saturday, MDC vice-president Morgen Komichi insisted that Mnangagwa was not the “legitimate” leader of the country.

Morgan KomichiThe opposition MDC party has said it will soon give President Emmerson Mnangagwa an ultimatum to urgently address the deepening economic crisis facing the country, failing which government would face crippling demonstrations.

“Emmerson Mnangagwa is not the leader of this country. He was given the power by the Constitutional Court. They rigged the elections,” he said. “Let’s look at the economy; Mnangagwa will end up killing us all. We should give him an ultimatum to fix the economy because you are telling me that a loaf of bread is going for $4. We are going into the streets peacefully. That is what we are doing.

“We should not be tricked by Zanu PF. I am told they have started vote-buying. Let’s show them and go out in our numbers. We want to come here in our numbers on Sunday and
celebrate our win.” The MDC also accused Zanu PF of employing dirty tactics after the ruling party tried to divert attention by distributing maize to villagers.


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