Former Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, the editor who was once accused of administrating the faceless online personality known as ‘Baba Jukwa’ has joined the anti-Mnangagwa bandwagon.


Kudzayi twitted:

“Good morning Zimbabwe.

“If you want more bond notes, joblessness and poverty I highly recommend that you vote for ED – Economic Disaster on July 30.”

Baba Jukwa was revealed as the man behind the famous anti-Mnangagwa video that was played in an explosive politburo meeting which fast-tracked the November coup against Robert Mugabe.

The video, which made claims that Emmerson Mnangagwa was attempting to topple Robert Mugabe was played during a fiery politburo meeting at the Zanu PF Headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Kudzayi rose to fame in 2014 after he was arrested and accused of running the Baba Jukwa and Amai Jukwa Facebook pages simultaneously.

He then received over a quarter a million United States Dollars from the military intelligence to essentially find himself.

He was discharged nearly a year later, but not before confirming that he had been the man behind the Amai Jukwa page. The pages were both taken down by Facebook.



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