“ED Is Not A Listening President”

“ED Is Not A Listening President”

The man (ED) is out of sorts, confuses elementary principles of economics and runs on bus stop theories, most of which is generated by his paid social media trolls.

President Mnangagwa under fire over private jets

He is clearly not a listening “President” as he claims but a killing one. Citizens have been killed in cold blood by guns purchased through tax payer’s money.

Inflation is killing Zimbabweans and destroying people’s capacity to take care of families.

A soft genocide is ongoing in the public hospitals. There are no drugs, doctors and nurses are on the verge of a strike, not even blades and gloves have been procured in the hospitals.

He has killed the dignity of the working people of Zimbabwe, value of wages has been eroded, teachers no longer afford a single day of Admission at a central hospital.

Public servants are one illness away from disaster after a lifetime of hard work. That is not what listening Presidents create.

He has killed employment and all hope for young people who now prefer to find an exit through the borders.

If anyone listened to his interview seeking answers to the crisis, all doubt was removed, solutions are simply not available.

The man believes that the RTGS dollar which he struggles to pronounce is the strongest currency in the region.

He misses the basics about the relationship between exports and imports as the strength behind a currency.

He fails to note that the currency is a reflection of the social contract or it’s absence thereof.

He fails to recognize that the exchange rate is collapsing daily, something which is not happening with the Rand and Pula,the two currencies he makes reference to.

Then, he makes a bizarre argument about the importance of fuel price hikes, arguing that it is the cheapest in the region forgetting that section 43 of the RBZ Act still pegs the fake currency at par with the US dollar and more importantly that civil servants are not earning any forex.

The interview makes more scary revelations and threats on the business community, chilling threats about making their business tough.

The whole interview was a dog’s breakfast.

By refusing calls from the public, it is clear that he knows he has not earned the trust of the public. He is aware he has no solutions to the public and has no grasp of policy issues and the politics of the day.

Such a sad development for a promising nation.

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