‘ED Is All Talk,No Action’-US Blasts Mnangagwa

United States Senator, Chris Coons has reportedly accused the President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa of making empty promises and deliberately delaying implementation of key electoral reforms.


While campaigning for lifting of US sanctions on Zimbabwe, Coons told CGNTV News that Mnangagwa has failed to back up his talk.

“President Mnangagwa, both through our personal meeting, which was positive and terrific and very long, and in public statements, both in Press conferences afterwards and in an editorial published in the New York Times has committed to democracy towards free and fair elections, towards respecting human rights, towards returning to a world based open economy if he takes those steps significant sanctions relief should be forthcoming from United States and Senator Jeff Flake and I will take steps necessary in Congress to accomplish that,” he said.

“But frankly, after what was a very encouraging initial meeting several weeks ago, we have seen no concrete steps in response, the amount of time left before the elections is shrinking, so the importance of taking prompt concrete steps, as to demonstrate the President’s commitment to democracy is becoming more and more important.”

Zimbabwe is currently said to have not met the SADC standards for free and fair elections.