It’s very disappointing to grasp the fact that a big organization like Econet is trying by all means to cheat it’s clients.


When Econet clients want to buy data bundles, they are given a combined package of data and WiFi bundles which I as a client had and will never use.

Why do they include WiFi bundles which I’m not interested in. If Econet want to sell WiFi bundles let them sell them separately so that those who buy them buy something they would use.

POTRAZ announced the reduction of the cost of data bundles and to my surprise Econet slashed data bundles from 35mb to 25mb that one would get from a dollar.

Why are Econet guys not considerate to their ever loyal customers.

POTRAZ please help us rectify this because the slash in price of data bundles would be of no effect if this is to continue.



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