ECONET LAUNCHES ELEVATE VIRTUAL AGENT PROGRAMME | Today at Meikles Hotel, Econet launched a new program under their Elevate community which they launched in June.


The new offering is called the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme and it aims to create employment for Elevate members. These members will just need a laptop and an internet connectivity for them to work from home and earn up to $600 per month as virtual call center agents.

How do you become a part of Elevate Virtual Agent Programme?

To become a part of the new Elevate Virtual Agent Programme (EVAP), you have to first be an Elevate member. To become an Elevate member, you have to be between 16 – 34 years of age. Dial *771# to join the Elevate program. Once you are a part of it, you will be able to start earning up to $600 per month.

Well, if only it was that easy. Before you even get to be considered as a candidate, you first have to earn some points in the Elevate program.

You will need to earn 5000 points and you can do that by recharging your Econet sim card with airtime. $1 of airtime recharge will give you 100 points so $50 of airtime recharge will get you to 5000 points. Regardless of which method you use to recharge, EcoCash or physical card, you will still get the points.

So why do you need the 5000 points?

Now, you might be wondering why you even need the points to be considered for the job. Even though you can apply for the job on their website even before you have 5000 points, the Elevate team will not review your application until you get the required points. Only after you get the 5000 points will they actually take a look at your application for you to become a part of the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme.

Assuming that they have reviewed your application and approved it, you still haven’t made it into the program. The next step is for you to redeem those 5000 points for you to start a training program. The training program will consist of 6 different sections to teach you on how to do the job and each will have their own test at the end of the training.

When you take the tests, you have to pass with a minimum of 90% for you to finally become a part of the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme. After you’ve passed the tests, you’ll then get a call from the team, be guaranteed a job and start a 3-day practical training on how to engage with the Econet customers.

Will Elevate Virtual Agent Programme really pay you up to $600/month?

Of course, you won’t just wake up, earn some points, take some tests and start earning $600 per month. You’ve got to put in the work and be really good at selling. There are two ways to earn in the program, one is where you call Econet customers with the intention to sell to them a product from Econet and the other way is to provide customer care services to Econet subscribers who call the call center.

According to Econet, the first option is the one that is currently available and they will be working on bringing the second option. So lets a look at what you have to do to earn $600 per month. You have to make 190 calls per day and 34 of those calls should result in a sale. Whenever you successfully seal a deal, you’ll get $0.80 so assuming you’ve got 34 people to buy, you’ll get around $28 per day.

If you maintain this for 22 days in a given month meaning you’ll probably work on some Saturdays of the month, then you’ll comfortably find yourself on that $600 per month pay check. So if you’re not a good sales person then you probably won’t find yourself earning that much but hey at least you know it’s possible.

The other option of earning works in a similar way and you’ll be able to earn up to $484 per month. If you’re so good at selling or providing solutions to customer problems, will you be able to exceed that? At the moment, it is not yet known whether those figures are the absolute maximum that a person can earn in any given month.

Once you’re in, you’ll constantly be monitored

When you’re now working as a virtual agent, you’ll constantly be monitored and assessed by the Elevate team. Each month, you’ll be required to take an assessment test and have to achieve the same 90% minimum mark to pass. If you fail, you won’t be given the boot out of the program but you’ll have to retrain as if you were starting and achieve that 90% minimum mark in the training for you to resume working.

Once the second option of earning is available, customers will have an option to leave feedback in a survey after you’ve helped them with their problem. Assuming you were working under that earning method, if you receive 80% or less in feedback for four times in a row then you’ll have to retrain.

All this retraining and reassessment is done to make sure that the people working under the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme will provide the best service or sell the most to Econet Customers. For those who will be selling, it is especially done to make sure that they are up to date with the new products on offer.

So is it a good option for you?

At the moment, if you’re a good sales person or marketer then sure have a go at it. It’s also good if you want to get some extra cash on the side or even do something while you’re waiting to go for University or in between jobs. There’s a lot of flexibility in your working hours and ultimately how many hours you work will determine how much you earn.

If you manage to get $50, complete the requirements, get in and work hard then it might be a good investment of your time and money especially if you were going to spend it on other things that wouldn’t bring in anything later. Of course, it might seem like there are a lot of hurdles to jump but then again nothing comes for free and Econet is surely not just in the charity business…

Let us know what you think about this in the comments section. Will you try to join the program? If so why? If not why won’t join it?


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