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Econet Denies Responsibility For Disappearing Data

The Strange Case Of Econet’s Disappearing Data

Econet Denies Responsibility For Disappearing Data

Econet Wireless yesterday denied that its network was responsible for the rapidly disappearing data in mobile subscribers phone.

The Strange Case Of Econet’s Disappearing Data

In a statement yesterday, Econet said any challenges that their clients may face should be directed to them.

“Econet maintains that there is no disappearing balance problem on their network, and that where a customer experiences a change in balance that they cannot explain, they should immediately raise the matter with the company through its call centre or shops, or use its web self-care service, which is available for customers to monitor and track their usage of data or airtime from anywhere, at any time,” Econet said.

Earlier, Econet said they had introduced an Out-Of-Bundle Blocking system to stop smartphones from consuming background data to prevent their mobile subscribers from having all their data used within a short space of time.

“To prevent this, we introduced Out-Of-Bundle Blocking, which stops background data usage from occurring. We are pleased to say to date we are the only local Mobile Network Operator that offers this convenience, and many of our customers have signed up to use this feature,” Econet said.

“We are not aware of any customer airtime or data consumption that we have not been able to account for and resolve. Any customers in need of assistance in this regard should call any of our contact centres, shops or service centres for personal customer support.”

This follows the outcry by Econet Wireless subscribers over the unjustified disappearance of their data bundles.

The mobile company also launched Kwese Broadband and Kwese Wi-Fi to support high volume data usage for media consumption.

“We have launched many new ‘increased data packages’ through services such as Kwese Broadband and Kwese Wi-Fi, that support high volume data usage for media consumption at low cost. We have also deployed close to 600 fixed and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, to give customers access to high volume data at low cost. We have more examples of similar packages in the pipeline,” Econet said.

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