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Ecocash closing accounts with people’s balances

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Econet has reportedly come under fire after receiving complaints of how the froze Ecocash accounts with customer’s money after following a directive by the government that each person is required to have only one Ecocash account.

The Central Bank issued a directive to the effect that, with immediate effect, all mobile money operators have to close all multiple wallets and allow just one wallet per individual.

In compliance with such directive, Econet has been accused of, instead of letting individuals choose the account to remain, have arbitrarily shut down accounts whose owners preferred ad which contained balances.

Writing on Twitter, outspoken social media influencer Wellence Mujuru said;

Econet musadaro, you gave people options to choose between the Ecocash acc they want to keep but you choose to froze maAccounts ane mari leaving us with accounts asina mari , accounts we didn’t choose. Hello Mwari Econet irikuda kuti tsara mari

Others felt the mobile money giant is manipulating the situation to capitalise on people’s money since the USSD meant to ensure one deals with choosing the optional account was not working.

What’s worse I spent days trying*150# so I could sort it out and all I got was ” system error”. And then kungomuka line ravharwa ecocash. One User said.

Another complained;

It’s all well orchestrated! It’s lik they want ppl to suffer in Zimbabwe & that Mari will disappear so like wat happened to forex accounts! I think zim I being made to suffer guys . We are targeted . It’s even spiritual

Econet is yet to respond to these allegations.


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