Home LOCAL NEWS Dumped Varsity Student Kills Self After Girlfriend Ended Things

Dumped Varsity Student Kills Self After Girlfriend Ended Things

Dumped Varsity Student Kills Self After Girlfriend Ended Things

Dumped Varsity Student Kills Self After Girlfriend Ended Things

A 22-year-old man committed suicide after his girlfriend decided to end their relationship.

Desire Mungoma, a Great Zimbabwe university student was found lying dead with a poisonous liquid in a bush in Ashdown Park, about 2 kilometers away from his home.

The family said they were awaiting post-mortem results which would determine the day of burial with today being a possible date.

Mai Chariga the man’s mother told H-Metro that he committed suicide after his girlfriend named Paula told Desire that he wanted out of their relationship.

“I called the girlfriend to ask her what had happened but she only told me ndakamuudza handichadi tidanane, Desire akati ndakuzviuraya.

“I just said saka mwana wangu akoshesa iwewe kudarika inini amai vake,” she said.

“She is my only child and I separated with his father.

“I told myself that I would resign after my son attained his degree and he was on attachment.

“I wanted to sing Nhasi ndezveduwo song on his graduation ndichiti mwana wangu iyeye but it’s not going to be,” she sobbed.

“I started looking for him on Saturday from 10am until 6 m that’s when I posted on a residents WhatsApp group.

“He did not take alcohol and was a quite boy.

“I went to Mabelreign police station and was told to come back after seven days.

“I then received a call informing me that someone was found dead in bush,” said the mother.

The deceased’s mother said she also received calls from the girlfriend’s mother who wanted to check up on her.

“Paula’s mother called me asking about the incident and I just thought how the mother would have the guts to call me since my son was not married to her daughter,” she said.

H-Metro contacted Paula and her mother who both declined to comment.

“We cannot speak to you and we have no comment,” they said.

The family said they are now waiting for a post-mortem result which will determine the day of burial with Wednesday being a possible date.

The mother also revealed she had treated her son with a big birthday party and told him of the desire to flourish in his career path.

“I tried but he is gone my only son,” she said.

In an interview with H-Metro, a medical expert at Parirenyatwa Hospital said:

“According to medical point of view, it could be possibly an issue of depression.

“He would have had other pressing issues lately then this break up with his girlfriend was the final trigger event.

“No one would really kill himself over this but this will be a final push.

“Without depression he would not have committed suicide over this, he was depressed and this was the final contribution to the suicidal thoughts.”

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