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Dumped singer pens song

Dumped singer pens song

Twenty-three-year-old hip hop artiste, Ashwin “ForbiddenSparta” Shonge, has penned a song titled I’m Broken after he was dumped by his lover.

The Sunningdale based singer dropped the song as an expression of his love lost.

“I wrote the track, ‘I’m broken’ with a broken heart and it was recorded in February this year.

“It’s an expression of my love lost since I was in a relationship before it ended.

“I wrote it with a broken heart with when a girl I was dating dumped me, so I have pain and I tried but all means to keep it as a secret.

“No one knew what was happening and I had to express everything through a song. I also thought about people who were in the same situation.

“The track has received commendable feedback since it touched many souls. It’s based on a true story,” he said.

ForbiddenSparta said the song was a painkiller after people in his area laughed at him following the break-up.

“People in my ghetto laughed at me after releasing the song, I expected them to love the song but they started dissing me.

“I have three songs now in which my second track is Zvatanga which simply tells the challenges I am prepared to take in the music industry.

“My third track is called ghetto yutes which carries the message of urging all the ghetto youths to work hard.

“The journey is not easy since there are a lot of challenges, fake promises are always there and money to record is also a big block.

“I was inspired by Pro beats the way he raps, it touched my heart,” he added.

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