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Zim Celebrities warn against Drunk driving!

…Urge public to be cautious

Today is a remarkable day in which many people across the globe, believers and non-believers will be celebrating Christmas day.

Christmas holidays are the day the Christian world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and it’s that time where relatives and friends hook up after a while.

Our reporters interviewed a number of celebrities to find out how they will celebrate the holidays and their advice.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

“It’s year end and this year in particular has pushed everyone to their limits and adjusting to the new normal has affected daily routines including myself.

Ruvheneko and mom
Ruvheneko and mom

That said I have realised that we need to appreciate little things in life, like quiet time, caution, and family, so for the holidays I will be with my loved ones and if opportunity presents itself, I will travel around our beautiful country to explore and reflect.

The covid-19 pandemic has inexplicably shifted our daily way of life, constant hygiene caution, staying safe and social distancing. It has been uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw and forced us to grow. 2020 has been the most important year of them all.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


We planned something and tried to go somewhere where there is water and sand.

I have also just finished my album, so I need to rest as well. The wife had chosen between Zanzibar and Mozambique, so between the two, that’s where I will be for Christmas. I will be out of the country just trying to get some sun, sand, water and lots of alcohol.

stunner and wife

I urge my fans and the public not to drink and drive and corona is still killing people the same with HIV so protect yourself. Don’t forget to share this festive holiday.

Mai Titi

Let’s take it easy, don’t get over excited, no to drink and drive, lets drink and sleep.

Let’s celebrate Christmas with cautiousness and do not forget that there is Covid-19 out there, be very cautious on who we invite because corona haina kuti ihama yako yauya.

Be careful and protect yourselves. Kana wakanonoka tanga kufamba a day before so that we don’t cause accidents. But above all I wish my fans a merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Dereck Mpofu

It’s been a tough year for everyone. When the year started, no one would have thought that we would spend the whole year locked indoors. Unfortunately, it was beyond our control. No matter what you go through, be grateful for being alive.

Nicholas Zakaria

It’s a working holiday for Nicholas Zakaria. On Christmas Eve we will be at Mt Darwin, Friday in Kadoma (Chakari) for a private function then will be back home to have family time by Saturday. Let’s be responsible citizens this holiday.

Pah Chihera

Christmas is family time so I am going to spend my time with my family and my daughter after my performance with Herman and Terry Africa. My Advice this festive season is to stay safe, wear your masks and don’t drink and drive.

Slick Pastor (Nigel Maritinyu)

I’ll just be relaxing at home with family and friends. I encourage people to make time for God and their loved ones, use the holiday break to pause and reflect on the year and how they can make the next one better.

Gospel outfit Pastor and Mai Muchaita

Keep maintaining the Covid-19 preventive measures, wear masks, the virus is real. We also urge people to pray, as gospel singers, we say people should pray without ceasing towards a new year. So that 2021 will be blessed. If you prepare now, the next year will be a blessed year. We thank our fans for Pastor and Mai Muchaita for standing with us.

For supporting our music, all the sponsors, fans, radio stations, be blessed. We will be making sure our released 4 videos get to the fans both new and old. During this Christmas, people should not drink and drive. Real drivers should be on road, Al those without licenses should stay off road. People should not travel during night, please limit. Parties should be limited as well, keep social distance, Covid-19 doesn’t choose whether you are on Christmas or party or New Year. Enjoy these videos Handidi haitengeswe, Munondida, Makanaka and Mudzimai akanaka on Christmas.

Joe Njagu Filmmaker

Well with Covid-19 this year it’s a different Christmas vibe. Used to travelling away for the holidays but this time we have to stay put. We will try to enjoy as much with family. We are going to be at the parents’ place, hanging out. I personally have some work to do but on the day just going to take a day off to spend with family. Merry Xmas everyone-.

Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro

It’s our first Christmas as a family outside Africa and it comes soon after my graduation and release of my new song. Therefore we are just going to relax and reflect, here in Dallas, as we try to breathe after a hectic year. Due to the pandemic we won’t be visiting anyone, we will try to make the best of what we can as a family.

Tryson Chimbetu

For me Christmas time is a time to celebrate life and be with family. There isn’t much activity in terms of events. We have a few private engagements because of Covid-19 but we are taking time to work on video concepts for some of the songs from my 2020 album Chii Chakadaro.

Goodchild (Alexio Gwenzi)

This year am taking time to visit friends and family we haven’t had the opportunity to do so due to the lockdown and other commitments. We also will be visiting a few homes and donating groceries to disadvantaged children under the GOODCHILD FOUNDATION project. Christmas is a time to give and a time to share. Besides physical gifts, we also can share Love and Hope! It hasn’t been an easy year some have lost their loved ones to COVID 19, accidents and other ailments, let’s take this season as a platform to comfort one another. Let’s remember the less privileged as well.

Faith Candy

All I can say is let’s be safe, Covid-19 is still real and don’t drink and drive. I will be having good moment with relatives whom I last saw years back. I have already took a visit to see my grandmother who looked after me. It has been long since I saw her and this time is for showing some love. Drive to get there, don’t drink whilst driving.

Kuda Musasiwa

We will be delivering to our clients who needed Christmas delivery. We will be taking time off in January but festive period is the time we make hey whilst the sun is shining-, entrepreneur.

Farirai Mamombe(Fari Wacho)

I usually do the opposite when it’s a holiday like Christmas, I don’t really like travelling, I wana stay home. I usually visit my parents during the normal time of the year and Christmas, I want to be home. My kids always want to travel and as for me I will be home. For those traveling, please take it easy on the road.

Those having fun, enjoy life is too short, and enjoy the work hard you had throughout the year. Let’s be careful of the CVodi-19, its still there, remember to take all the necessary precautionary measures. Above all pray, pray without ceasing, so that God protects you wherever you are going.

Paul Shambare (Elder Shambare) Promoter and Businessman

This Holiday I have no much plans as I will be away from the family and fully working however that same day marks my Daughter Mutsawashe’s 14th Birthday so the plan is to spoil her with goodies so that she enjoys with family and friends. My simple advice is that people should spend responsibly as January is a week away and responsibilities that come with it cannot be postponed.

Beverly Sibanda

Lockdown disturbed us so much and the wave of corona is still around so I will be chilling at home, nothing much to do. We are appealing to the President to help our industry because we it is now down. People should just stay safe during these holidays.

Beverly Sibanda


I will be with the fans because lockdown made our lives tougher. Now it’s time for us to look for money because in January school kids will be going back to school. I am sorry to my family members because I will not be with them as I will be after money. I only urge the public to stay safe because Covid-19 is still there.


Tatenda Mavetera (MP)

I m in Vic falls with family and I encourage people to love each other during this period and also know that during this period let love lead and let us celebrate every moment we find. Covid is real let us observe Covid rules.

FATIMA (Wenera actress)

I’m spending it with my family and it’s the season were we strengthen our bond with families as well as friends. There is no better time to be with them than now. To all those travelling during this awesome time of the year, don’t drink and drive we don’t want any tears but all smiles on Christmas and our New Year.

Please take all precautions to prevent the Corona virus, wash your hands frequently and let your mask be your best friend.

Happy holidays…


Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman.

He was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a gas company, Pioneer Gases which has interests in Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. He was also the owner of Dreams Nightlife Club...read more