Drama At Zanu Pf Headquarters As Big Wigs Mutsvangwa & Rugeje Clash Over Candidates

President ED’s adviser, Chris Mutsvangwa and Zanu PF political commissar, Engelbert Rugeje reportedly exchanged harsh words at the Zanu Pf headquarters on Monday following a clash over alleged bias and alleged imposition of candidates ahead of the party’s primary elections this weekend.


Party insiders say the argument erupted after Rugeje approved Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister, Webster Shamu’s wife, Constance, to contest the Norton seat against Mutsvangwa

Mutsvangwa yesterday initially denied arguing with Rugeje at the party headquarters, but later admitted they had met “resolve the issue amicably”.

“Those are lies. How can I do that to the national political commissar?

“We are good friends and we have been together for a long time.

“There were just issues over Norton constituency, which we solved amicably,” he said.

“Shamu wanted to impose his wife in Norton constituency when she does not come from there.

“He wanted to spite me. I told Rugeje and we solved the issue and had a handshake. Rugeje simply dropped Shamu’s wife. People are mischievous, that is a lie.”

Rugeje’s mobile phones went unanswered for comments.

However Zanu PF insiders, who witnessed the clash spilled the beans and said Mutsvangwa was upset with Rugeje’s conduct over candidate selection, accusing him of letting G40 members contest at the expense of Mnangagwa’s loyalists.

“Mutsvangwa told Rugeje that he was the worst political commissar that the party has ever had and Rugeje was not amused and they nearly traded blows, before they all cooled down and people present restrained them,” a source, who was present during the meeting, said.

“Mutsvangwa threatened to hold a Press conference denouncing Rugeje and the whole process, saying whoever made him the political commissar would fire him if he continued to defy Mutsvangwa.


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