In a strange incident, pre_gnant women and nurses were moved from Lupaka Clinic to a safe place and pupils at two primary schools stopped going to school after goblins allegedly se_xually attacked them.

In separate interviews the women said they have been facing nights of torture at the clinic.

“I came here last Tuesday and I have not been sleeping since then because during my sleep I felt something having se_x with me. I would wake up feeling tired,” said Nomasiko Moyo.

Ritha Sibanda got the shock of her life.

“I woke up without my underwear and my private parts would be painful as if I had too much se_x. This is scary,” she said.

A female nurse who declined to be named said they had been enduring a se_x assault for a long time at the health institution.

“This thing has been happening for quite a long time. We have been failing to sleep as invisible things would have se_x with us during the night. Regrettably that has resulted in most of the nurses leaving the clinic,”she said.

The nurse said one of the expecting mothers had a miscarriage after the invisible beings had long sessions of se_x with her.

“One of the women suffered a miscarriage after invisible beings had long se_x sessions with her,”she said.

Also speaking on condition of anonymity a male nurse said the invisible beings had anaI se_x with them.

“A person who has not experienced this will not believe it. The invisible beings usually have anaI se_x with us during the night. I woke up feeling pain in my behind, it has been going on for more than six months,” said a nurse.

A teacher at Lupaka Primary School said pupils fell down in hysteria after being attacked by the invisible “things”.

“About 40 pupils were attacked by invisible beings they would fall down in a trance following that affected pupils are no longer coming to school and windows of six classes were broken by the invisible things. Lessons at the school have been disrupted,” said the teacher who declined to be named.

In a similar incident more than 15 pupils at Lumene Primary School in Umzingwane district, Matabeleland South were also attacked by goblins last Monday.

“My child and many other pupils were attacked by goblins on Monday following that a meeting was held and we agreed that our children will not go to school until the school is exorcised of goblins,“ said Nompilo Ngwenya, a parent.

Contacted for a comment Matabeleland South provincial education director Lefius Masukume said he had not received the report.

“I have not heard about the issue. If I get a report I will confirm,” said PED Masukume.

Matabeleland North medical director Alfred Muchara confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that goblins have been having se_x with nurses and expecting mothers at the clinic as a result we had to come up with a plan to transfer expecting mothers to St Luke’s Hospital. Nurses are putting up at the nearby homesteads,” said Muchara.

Contacted for a comment Lupane District Administrator Ennety Sithole confirmed the incident.

“My assistant (Zakaria Jusa) had a meeting last week on Friday with community members which comprise 800 households under the leadership of 40 village heads. They agreed that each household will contribute $0,60 cents towards hiring of a witch-hunter (tsikamutanda) to root out the goblins at Lupaka Clinic and Lupaka Primary School,”said Sithole.

— BMetro



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